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Shippensburg communityPhyllis Bender is your top real estate source for Shippensburg PA and the Cumberland Valley region. Phyllis offers the experience, professionalism and extensive knowledge you need to navigate the Shippensburg real estate market and find your dream home. For the most courteous and experienced real estate service in the Cumberland Valley, trust Phyllis Bender for all of your real estate needs.

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Located in the heart of the Cumberland Valley, Shippensburg PA is home to some of Pennsylvania’s prime real estate opportunities for prospective homebuyers and real estate investors. Shippensburg PA real estate is some of the most sought after in the Mid-Atlantic, and with good reason. The borough’s blend of affordability, amenities and safety is hard to come by these days. To aid you in your search for Shippensburg PA homes, Phyllis Bender is here to help.

Shippensburg Public LibraryShippensburg PA real estate is both highly affordable and strongly valued. Shippensburg’s real estate market is among the most stable in Pennsylvania, and the community welcomes many new residents each year. Shippensburg PA homes come in a wide array of choices, including single-family homes, duplexes, apartments, townhomes and much more. Shippensburg PA homes for sale remain very affordable and strongly valued on the market, making the community an excellent place to buy a new home. Shippensburg PA listings offer a huge variety of homes and apartments to choose from, ensuring that you’ll find your dream home in the community. Whether you’re looking to retire, raise a family or start a career, Shippensburg is the perfect place for you.

Shippensburg Community Information

Shippensburg Real EstateIn addition to its highly affordable and stable real estate prices, Shippensburg PA also offers a high quality of life and plentiful amenities and attractions for its residents. Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania anchors the community’s strong economy, and employment opportunities are plentiful in such sectors as education, media, business, retail, healthcare, hospitality and much more. Shippensburg is also home to many community events and fairs, strengthening its community spirit and sense of neighborhood.

Shippensburg boasts outstanding schools, good roads, peaceful neighborhoods and an impeccable reputation for safety. The Shippensburg Historic District is home to some of the Cumberland Valley’s oldest and most beautiful buildings, and also offers a bevy of great shops, restaurants, galleries and nightlife spots to enjoy. A friendly and lively community, Shippensburg is the right place for just about anyone.

With its unique combination of affordability, safety and exceptional amenities, Shippensburg PA real estate is one of the best deals in Pennsylvania. Contact Phyllis Bender, your Shippensburg Real Estate expert, today for more information on buying and selling your home in Shippensburg and in the surrounding areas.

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