Shippensburg, PA Real Estate and Community Information


Shippensburg,PA Real Estate For SaleShippensburg, PA boasts a rich and interesting history that only adds to its charm. The town was first settled in 1730, making it the oldest community in the Cumberland Valley region. The town grew and prospered throughout the colonial period and later became home to the acclaimed Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania in 1871. Today, the town of Shippensburg is known for its high livability, wealth of historic sites and coveted homes in the beautiful Cumberland Valley of Pennsylvania.

Parks and Recreation

The Shippensburg area hosts a number of local and state Shippensburg,PA Parks and Recreation parks that offer excellent opportunities for camping, hiking, bird watching and many other activities. The idyllic Cumberland River also offers opportunities for fishing, boating and various water sports. Overall, the region’s abundant woodlands and natural scenic beauty offer a wealth of recreational and outdoors opportunities for local homeowners.

Attractions and Activities

Local attractions and sites of interest in Shippensburg offer something for everyone. The historic Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania often hosts community events while the towns abundance of historic sites such as the Shippensburg Historic District, the Shippen House and the Widow Piper’s Tavern offer a multitude of historic places to explore. The Cumberland River offers plenty of opportunities for fishing and boating while nearby cities like Harrisburg and Carlisle are home to a wide range of museums, theaters, parks, historic sites and other attractions.


The town is renowned for its events, community festivals and other activities within the Cumberland Valley region. Shippensburg, PA plays host to events such as the Corn Festival and the Shippensburg Community Fair, one of the largest annual fairs in the state of Pennsylvania. Shippensburg has affordable Real Estate in a beautiful location with its scenic beauty, affordable cost of living and multitude of community events and attractions, Shippensburg is a prime location for real estate in Pennsylvania. Those looking to become a Shippensburg home buyer should contact Phyllis Bender a Shippensburg realtor right away. The town, with its affordable property market and historic charm, is the perfect place to finally buy your new home.

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