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Rural areas in FayettevilleFayetteville, PA is a rural town in Pennsylvania that enjoys a cost-of-living competitive with the state itself. With a population of just over 3000 people, Fayetteville truly is a small town with a big sense of community.

About an hour north of Baltimore, Maryland, Fayetteville is close enough to both the culture of the city and the heartbeat of the country. A little less than 2 1/2 miles east of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Fayetteville is rapidly expanding as people continue to move into the area due to the high quality of life and moderate cost-of-living.

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Fayetteville PA Homes for SalePhyllis Bender is the leading real estate agent for the Chambersburg, Pennsylvania area. She also provides real estate services for the town of Fayetteville and the surrounding towns as well. Phyllis currently works for the RE/Max Realty Agency, and can be conveniently contacted either via e-mail or by phone. The potential buyers and sellers in the Chambersburg and Fayetteville areas can find more information about these towns on Phyllis's website. Neighborhood reports, other resources, and even a mortgage calculator are available for personal use. Having lived in the Chambersburg area for years, Phyllis is an expert in area neighborhoods and can help match buyers and sellers to neighborhoods that best suits their individual needs.

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Fayetteville Real EstateWhether buyers are interested in purchasing a single-family home, luxury home, condominium, or even an open lot, Phyllis has something for everyone and constantly updates her website to reflect the latest real estate market conditions. For those who wish to rent a house or a property, Phyllis can also help those consumers as well. A one-stop shop for real estate and rental needs, her website features all the latest times and information people moving into and out of the area will need. Virtual tours of selected homes are available in order for the buyer to gain a better understanding of the dimensions and layout of the home. Both a buyer's and a seller's agent, Phyllis has the knowledge and experience to help each client achieve his or her real estate needs.

It can be difficult to move into a new town or even into a new home in the same town. Let Phyllis take care of the paperwork, research, and time that is invested into researching each potential property for purchase. Her personable and professional nature will make any client feel at ease and confident in their real estate decisions. She is the perfect choice for a realtor in regard to Fayetteville PA homes for sale and featured Fayetteville PA listings.

Phyllis Bender
Phyllis Bender
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